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I have found again my track's "Time Wrap" trailer. I mean I remember about this video. :)

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Here is new short animation made on Blender 3D.
Of course, thank to Moby for song "Moby - In My Heart (New Mix)" ;)

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I am making skateboard on Blender 3D and here is screenshot:


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This is my not really short animation on Blender 3D.

Low resolution because it is only 400x300 size JPG format (.avi).

If video doesn't work then go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9K2S-sCgs0c.

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I have made new animation on Blender 3D v.2.49 b.

Here is video:

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Some time ago I said that I should make some tutorials about WorlDO tool using.

Now I have started to make tutorials. First TWO is done.

Go and watch them on page "Tutorials".


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Hello, all!

This is Update.

In older version (I tested it) skins were totally "unworking".

I fixed.

Changed It all little bit.

Go and get new setup!

Click Here to download "WorlDO-01.09.2010-v.1.9-fixed.zip"


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As you know, I have created skins for WorlDO program.

In latest version there is only 3 skins. Do you want more skins? Do you want to say your ideas about creating skins?

Became a member on www.worldotool.do.am and get:

  • Free skins;
  • Say your ideas;
  • Participate in skins creating;
  • Became moderator on this site (http://www.worldotool.do.am);
  • Finally, you can make your OWN skin.

P.S. Registering is free.

No "Members registering for 1, 2 or 10 years" :D

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I have Updated WorlDO tool's installation...

It is not an update so I don't add this download to "Updates" section.

Download here:

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I have completed work with skins and now you can download the latest WorlDO tool's update here or at 'Re-volt Edit & Play' download section.

(To download click on image or text).

(In this version are added 3 skins.)WorlDO

                             Download here.

... Read more »

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